Walks and Field Trips

January Field Trip

In lieu of our January field trip, Suncoast is promoting in the Bio-blitz at the Fred and Idah Schultz Preserve sponsored by Tampa Audubon and Sun City Audubon.

The remainder of this announcement is copied from the Audubon announcement.  Please contact Audubon (names at the end) for additional information.

The Fred and Idah Schultz Preserve lies on a peninsula on Hillsborough Bay at the end of Adamsville Road, west of Hwy 41. SWFWMD purchased the property in 1995 and it is maintained by Hillsborough County as one of its ELAPP properties. In‐depth info is here: http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/documents/plans/landusemgmt/files/FredandIdahSchultzPreserve.pdf Recently, the preserve has been eyed as a site for a ferry terminal: https://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/blog/morning-edition/2014/02/high-speed-ferry-starting-to-churn-up.html

Many of us in the Nature‐al community are alarmed, and in addition to battling the proposal on political and bureaucratic fronts, we are striving to expand public awareness of the preserve and its value to the entire gamut of wildlife that call it home. Hopefully, this will lead to grassroots opposition to the ferry terminal.

Tampa Audubon members have been working on monthly bird surveys, and finding new birds all the time! A few butterfly counters made some great finds. But there are more than birds and butterflies out there.

Hence, the bioblitz. We will be counting and documenting all flora and fauna from manatee to mouse, from bittern to bug, and palm to pepper grass. It will be fun! It will be educational! It will be a chance to collaborate with your new best friends who know things you don’t!

This project has the approval of Dr. Brandt Henningsen, Chief Advisor Environmental Scientist at SWFWMD, and the endorsement of Tampa Bay Audubon.

We anticipate starting around 7 am and going until noon, or later if the butterfly folks want to start later once it warms up enough for their subjects to get active. We’ll try to provide sandwiches for lunch (no promises on that yet).

So can you help? Please let us know either way. And if you want to invite others to participate, please do.  We’ll be in touch later to find our who all is coming.

>Mary Keith, President, Tampa Audubon Society keithma1@juno.com

John Lampkin, Conservation Chair, Sun City Center Audubon Club JohnLampkin@JohnLampkin.com

CC: Brandt Henningsen, Mary Barnwell


Lettuce Lake Native Plant Walks

Suncoast sponsors native plant walks at Lettuce Lake Park on the fourth Saturday of most months.  

These walks are designed for park visitors who want to learn about Florida native plants.  We do a slow stoll pointing out the native plants that the park supports.

If you would like to print a flyer, click its image below to get a pdf file.