Wednesday, February 21, 2018

7:00 pm

Shirley Denton, PhD

Species Ranges – Implications for Landscaping

Making Practical and Ethical Landscaping Choices

Shirley Denton, PhD

Dr. Denton will talk briefly about the factors that have led to the current ranges of Florida species.  These include climate, isolation (which can result in speciation), broad-scale patterns of soils and drainage, and interactions with other species (competition, dispersal agents, diseases, etc.).

The talk will move on to discuss what about what these mean for landscape choices.  The ability to grow a species successfully outside of its current range depends on more than climate.  And success may be in the eyes of the beholder – for example, a plant that cannot reproduce in your area may be fine to grow in a suburban yard but totally inappropriate for a restoration project. 

There are also important conservation considerations.  The most serious is the potential to cause introgression between closely related species and subspecies whose ranges are naturally disjoint.  Another potential issue is that there is the potential that a species that is appropriate inside of its range could become a pest if it is planted where a natural limitation on its spread does not exist.

The talk will include specific examples relevant to the Hillsborough County area.  Members are invited to ask questions about species of interest to them.

About the Speaker:
Shirley Denton has been a member of the Suncoast Chapter since 1988 and a member of FNPS since 1987.  During that time period, she has served FNPS as its Science Advisory Committee Chair, as its president, and is currently Communications Committee Chair.  She has served as president, vice president, and field trip chair of the Suncoast Chapter.
Professionally, she is a plant ecologist, and has been acting professionally in that capacity since 1986.  

Light refreshments are served and a native plant auction follows the presentation.
Hillsborough County Extension Service, 5339 County Rd 579, Seffner, FL 
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